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The internet has infiltrated every part of our lives. We use it on a daily basis, whether at work or at home, and there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the internet is here to stay. With the incredible amount of information available at a click, what’s needed now are ways to simplify the way we use the web - and this is what Snapdo widgets aim to do. The young software company based in Herzlia, Israel, develops web browsing software aimed to enhance the browsing experience for the user and make accessing and retrieving online information easier, as well as a more enjoyable experience. In its review of Snapdo browser widgets, CNET described them as “easy and fun”. The company has set its sights at being a leading provider of web solutions that are smart yet simple, and complementary apps that make browsing simpler and more efficient. Snapdo products make use of existing technologies and user interfaces.

Snapdo has developed several products that make the most often performed internet actions simpler – for example, searching and sharing online has become “a snap” with the Snapdo widget. Users can search via multiple search engines, and share across the largest and most widely used social networks with just a single click. Furthermore, the Snapdo widgets work with all three major web browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The Snapdo floating menu is customizable for both content and position. The user can add the widgets that best meet his needs, and can position the floating menu wherever on the screen he finds most comfortable – top, bottom, or either side. Snapdo widgets can be downloaded easily and completely free of charge from the company’s website.

So, what can you do more easily with Snapdo than you could before? Snap Capture allows the user to capture the screen and save only the part that is actually required. With Snapdo Snap Capture! The image can be resized, by simply dragging its edges, to capture the relevant part of the screen. Snap it together! helps you integrate your social networking into your everyday environment with a widget that lets you share and remain in touch with a single click for the various types of content you might want to share. To share text simply select the text and open the Share box from which you can select the network with which share. Sharing an image is as simple as placing the pointer over the image to display a floating menu from which to select the icon of the desired network, and a click on the icon to share.

Snapdo enhances the search experience by making it simpler to select text to search, and also by making it possible to search across multiple sites and display the results side by side in a new window. All that it takes is to click the plus button on the search menu and marking the relevant sites, the selecting the option for showing multiple results. Multi-share works on a similar principle for sharing with more than one social network without having to repeat the share action for each network.

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